Inon Elroy -

Economic Minister to North America, Government of Israel

Inon Elroy
Economic Minister to North America
Government of Israel

Inon Elroy was appointed Economic Minister to North America in August 2016.
Mr. Elroy has more than twenty years of experience representing the Ministry of Economy and Industry in a wide range of executive positions both
in Israel and overseas.
As Vice Director General of the Israel Ministry of Economy and Industry from 2012-2016, Mr. Elroy was tasked with overseeing industrial policy (promoting
domestic production and innovation), trade regulations (liberalization of imports, anti dumping, and standardization), and regional economic planning.
In addition, he supervised the Ministry’s digital strategy, and initiated policies to foster innovation synergies between the public and private sectors.
During his tenure at the Ministry, Mr. Elroy was also involved in several interministerial task forces aimed at reducing the cost of living in Israel.
Mr. Elroy served as the Economic and Commercial Counselor in France (2001-2005) and Germany (2009-2011).
Earlier in his career, he was an advisor to several ministers of Economy and Trade.
For the past several years, Mr. Elroy has been a board member of the research committee of the Office of the Chief Scientist, which approves
industrial R&D projects. He was also Alternate Director for the bi-national R&D funds BIRD, SIIRD, and KORIL. Additionally, he served on the boards
of the Israel Wine Institute and the Israel Consumer Council.
Mr. Elroy holds an MBA from the University of Haifa and a BA degree in Political Science and Geography from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.